Staying Afloat While Learning to Live Tweet

As the polls were starting to close, I took to my Twitter account with wine in hand to try live-tweeting for the first time. In all reality I was nervous, mainly because I didn’t know what to expect. I logged on and already saw streams of tweets filing in about electoral votes, who was leading and which polls were closing. I immediately felt overwhelmed and will admit I almost logged right back off, I’m glad ImageI didn’t.

Once I dove into the mass of tweets, it was entertaining and fun. After I was able to get the hang of how live-tweeting worked, I wanted to make the content of my tweets captivating. I imagine this is how a lot of Twitter users feel once someone retweets them, a bit of an excitement rush. The advantage to live-tweeting is that as a reader I found out information instantaneously and produced my own content within minutes of each tweet. I read a tweet that said watching the election was like watching a sporting event, I completely agree and I feel like if I wasn’t live-tweeting it wouldn’t have felt that way.

A disadvantage is that multiple news outlets reported different numbers at different times. Therefore, one tweet would say “88-36 Romney Lead” and a tweet right after would say “85-36 Romney Lead.” At times it definitely was hard to keep up and by the end I was taking tweets for a grain salt, which means I didn’t find them to be completely credible.

Overall I found the experience to be fascinating, to me live-tweeting wasn’t about outweighing the plus’s and minus’s. It was just about trying to stay afloat in a digital ambiance, and in the midst I learned to swim.   

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