The State of Journalism

According to Online Journalism by James Foust, in the past decade classified ad revenue from print newspapers has decreased 70 percent. If you think times aren’t changing in the world of journalism, think again. After watching Journalism: A 1940 Vocational Film and comparing it to a more recent film, Page One, it is fascinating to see how the Internet has evolved, as well as online news. Receiving the morning paper at your doorstep is becoming a pastime in American culture. Today, it is more common to find readers, coffee in hand, scrolling down their laptops while scanning various headlines from online media sites. In journalisms current state the way news will survive is through one key word, convergence.
Convergence is defined as the merging of web media, such as an online article that also includes video clips as part of its content. Convergence also means the merger of two media outlets, such as a TV station and newspaper to create one website for the community. Mergers are becoming more popular because it saves on overhead costs as well as being efficient to the readers by delivering the story along with the broadcast in a packaged bundle.
There will always be a need to know, that is the culture of our country. Therefore, news will remain as an important part of our nations well being, the sources and how it is presented are what will change. Along with the advantages of online journalism such as reaching more readers across a variety of times and places and the ability to give the reader the control to choose what information they want to view, online journalism also has one big downside.
With the different presentation of news, such as blogs and social media sites, the person writing may not have a journalism or communications degree. The main concern is that readers will be receiving news from a source that might not fact-check or attribute to multi-sources.
As we veer away from traditional, legacy news it is important to keep in mind that online media can be very beneficial to a reader, but the journalist community still needs to create a way to keep the news in their passenger seat. Readers will always look to newspaper outlets for accurate and up-to-date news, that outlet just needs to figure out the best way to provide for their audience along with the organization. Change is a good thing once we can figure out how to utilize it.

One thought on “The State of Journalism

  1. Ellen Mrja says:

    Very well written post, Kaylee. But look up what the definition of “pastime” is. And one punctuation error in here. I’ll let you find and correct, OK? +9

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